At the heart of any writing worth reading is a compelling story—and a storyteller.

My name is Kim Berkley, and I am a wearer of many hats. Sometimes, I am a writer. Other days, I am an editor. I’m also a gamer, a cosplayer, a feline caretaker, a traveler, and—on very special occasions—an almost believably social introvert.

Welcome to my humble little corner of the internet. Feel free to look around the site and wander wherever you like!

  • My Story is unabashedly all about me: my past, present, and possible future.
  • The Harbinger’s Head is the home of all things related to my fantasy/horror interactive fiction novel published by Choice of Games.
  • Free Reads features a list of stories and poems available to read right here, right now, at your convenience.
  • Kim’s Curio Cabinet contains a selection of quaint curiosities, including reading recommendations, inspiration tips, and more. (Coming soon!)
  • My Journal includes news, stories, and other ramblings fresh off the old brainpan.
  • Contact Me at your leisure, should you have any questions, comments, quips, or concerns. I will respond in as reasonable an amount of time as the vagaries of life allow.